music, beer, and save the ocean. Sustain With Sound is the brainchild of Katy Nickel. SWS, a one-day musical festival with multiple bands, local vendors, and ocean conservation awareness, has become one of the most anticipated events in NC.

the challenge

Katy needed specific help to create a music festival in her town of Wilmington, NC. Most importantly she wanted to raise awareness and donations for the critical condition of the ocean. She needed a strategy to make sure the event was a success on all accounts. Katy knew she would need a team to bring this concept to reality. With needs of marketing, booking, film, photography, social media content, and brand image, she partnered with HRZN. The upcoming SWS music festival in 2020 will be the 4th year of this event.

Our challenge was to develop a brand identity and strategy that appealed to a mass audience of music lovers and ocean conservationist.

our solution

Our process lead us to create unique designs and organize a high level marketing plan. Using the brand elements we developed, and executed different marketing promotions to ensure the success of the event. Using film, photography, & graphic design we were able to run multiple social media channels and launch collaborations with local businesses. A system is only as good as its foundations so we made sure all storage, communication, and file IT solutions we set up were robust and easy to use.

We used our past music industry experience to book and organize the bands and production for the festival. Making sure the attendees were happy is one of the driving missions of the festival. Our Film & Photography team captured the entire event so we can release a recap film and use any content for the next years festival.

SWS is a growing festival and one we are proud to help produce every year.